Monday, February 20, 2006


Minutes from February 16
General membership meeting

Executive members present:
President, Bill Rudd, Vice President, Ian Mather, Chief Steward, Barb Wilson, Treasurer, Marie Stokes. Not present: Secretary, Fred Hopkins

Members present: 44

1) Call to order
2) Adoption of agenda
3) Presidents report
4) Seasonal JJE report
5) Election of delegates (2) & alternates (2)
6) New and old business
7) Adjournment

-Message to all members @ OPSEU events
-Motion to adopt agenda, Anne Cunningham, second by Ronnie Fawcett

-5 new jobs posted ( 1 management position )
-3 of the positions located at butterfly conservatory

-New local 217 website (under construction)
- New Commissioner, Bob Gail (Gail’s Gas)
- 50/50 draw for live and let live fund
- Bill encouraged members to get involved with selection of new executive and negotiating team spread the word.

Next meeting
-Want to have elections done at the May meeting
-Motion by Shelly Reid to have both election of negotiating team and executive on May 16 (next meeting) and a separate meeting for demand set before August general membership meeting.
-Motion seconded by Marie Stokes, carried

Motion to accept Presidents report, Byron Brisson, seconded by Mike Zec, carried

-50 members at last meeting
-Minutes read by Ian Mather
-Motion to accept secretary’s report, Rose Massolin, seconded by Jen Sanderson
Seasonal JJE

-Seasonal JJE committee met with Dave Morris and Stu Gregory
-Discussion- every full time job description includes as part of the duties that they will supervise seasonals. (Divide and Conquer)
-This is why there will be no parody
-We are obligated to follow contract
-Motion to accept, Anne Cunningham, seconded by Fernando Fortino

Chief Steward

-5 grievances going to arbitration
-Be aware of students doing the work of laid-off employees

Nomination of Delegates

-Barb Wilson, nominated by Anne Cunningham*
-Jen Sanderson, nominated by Shelly Reid*
-Darlene Johnson, nominated by Barb Wilson*
-Ronnie Fawcett, nominated by ? *
*Accepted nomination

-Ian Mather, nominated by Shelly Reid ~
-Marie Stokes, nominated by Rob Atkin~
-Bill Burns, nominated by Bill Rudd
-Colin McKenzie, nominated by Shelly Reid~
~Declined nomination

Election held

-Scrutinizers, Bill Burns, Byron Brisson
-Barb Wilson and Darlene Johnson are elected as delegates
-Nomination to destroy ballots, Penny Berketa, Anne Cunningham

Nominations for alternates
-Ronnie Fawcett*
-Jen Sanderson, nominated by Shelly Reid*
-Penny Berketa*
-Glen Davis*

-*Accepted Nomination

-Ian Mather, nominated by Shelly Reid~
-John Maves, ~
-Rob Atkin, nominated by Marie Stokes~
-Dan Gigante, nominated by Marie Stokes~

- ~Declined nomination
-Same scrutinizers used

Old Business

-Soil testing at Lilac garden
-Motion to have OPSEU local 217 to draft a letter to management requesting a report on the status on contaminants testing of the grounds of the lilac garden and the workers that work in the area.
-Copy of letter to Health and Safety Department and Health and Safety Committee
-Motion by Ronnie Fawcett, seconded by Bill Rudd carried

New Business

-New resolution read and carried unanimously.
-Bank statements to go to all signing members of executive, Bill Rudd seconded by Byron Brisson. Carried
-Motion to destroy ballots from alternate’s election, Byron Brisson, seconded by Darlene Johnson, carried

-Motion to adjourn by Penny Berketa, seconded by Ronnie Fawcett. Carried

Winner of 50/50, Barb Wilson $25 for live and live fund.

Total of $96.00 to be donated at convention, Barb Wilson added $4.oo to make it an even $100.00.


All the best to Rich Lesniczek on his recent retirement

Friday, February 10, 2006

borrowing a few things

Our man Phil Nicholson