Friday, December 02, 2005


Meeting come to order, 50 members attending

Reading of OPSEU acceptance of all types and origins of people

Motion: To accept agenda Jenn Sanderson, 2nd by Byron Bryson; agenda accepted

Minutes from last meeting read; Secretary’s’ report accepted Gary Vanderkley, 2nd by Barb Wilson; passed

- Presidents’ Report
· Kim Craitor being criticized by his liberal party for his role with the NPC
· He feels he has raised enough ruckus and will no longer be involved with NPC, he will continue to push for the transparency bill123.
· Peter Kormos might be another option to pursue for assistance
· Bill, Ian, Dave Morris, and John Kernahan had a meeting Wednesday, November 16/05. The synopsis for this meeting was the fact seasonal employees are declining on a yearly basis and not being replaced
· Union trying to stir up trouble, because we are under fire!!! We cannot let up on Dave Morris
· November 28th complimentary review committee meeting, 1st one ever
· A lot of seasonal jobs are turning to full time, which is beneficial to a few - seasonal positions not being replaced…
· Tree department getting overtime from horticulture department
· Byron asked the review committee to review his position at the upcoming meeting.
· Send a copy of declining seasonal employees to Kim Craitor?
· A member questioned about speaking to the complimentary review committee about seasonal jobs going to full time? They may eliminate jobs(concern)
· During the meeting Wednesday, the question about Robert St.; John said the union would be happy about the NPC decision
· Ontario travel centre at Stanley not having grass cut
· 150 members have not signed for a union card
· just 23 more members signed and we could send another delegate to conventions
· mediation on exclusions and the bargaining unit could receive some employees back from management
· Accept report – Maureen Ellis, Byron Bryson

· Chief Stewards Report
JJE committee discussions from recent meeting.
Seasonals not educated equally and are not treated equally by management(favourites) stated a member
JJE was pasted several years ago when the contract was passed at the Optimist Hall

Motion to accept report – Jennifer Sanderson, 2nd by Byron Bryson

Treasurer Report

Budget – a suggestion was made to do a mass e-mail instead of mail outs for the No Bulletins(many issues with compiling addresses, who would do it; there will be the issue of who receives the snail mail) sounds good on paper; it will save the union money!!!!
- the next audit will be in next December
- the question to keep paying for the additional alternate or should we divert these funds to educational?
- Motion to accept budget – Ronnie Fawcett; 2nd Marianne Hanna
$ for the 50/50 draw won by Tim Easlick Horticulture Dept

New Business

- There is a new transportation package(winter season) created by the NPC, buses did not run past the first week of November.
- eliminating horticulture staff every year
- Rumours the new booths at the Maid of the Mist might be too much weight over top of the basement
- New project at oak hall golf course; new sewer drainage, sod etc…

Old Business

- Jenn Sanderson questioning about the unions’ position on Health and Safety representatives. The issue is NPC does not or will not recognize union person as a representative
- Parks has 2 full time members, 2 alternate members…There are broken up into 7 departments. The parks also chose at random some seasonal people from each department
- Ministry of Labour has not been to the Parks in 2 years for any type of investigation!!!
- Soil testing results never told to certain members, John will be returning report back to the union

Motion to adjourn, accepted Jennifer Sanderson, 2nd by Fernando Fortino. Meeting adjourned…