Tuesday, June 07, 2005


May 19, 2005

Meeting come to order; 102 members attending

Reading of OPSEU acceptance of all types and origins of people

Motion: To accept agenda Anne Cunningham, 2nd by Janet Hepworth; agenda accepted

Minutes from last meeting read; Secretary’s’ report accepted John Kott, 2nd by Sue Longmuir; passed

- Presidents’ Report

Special guest speakers: Kim Craitor, M.P.P. and Wayne Gates of the NDP party.
· Newsletter
· Contracting out.
· Changing hours, rates.
· Renting out buildings and space to outside businesses.
· Random exclusions, Assistant Mgr. Positions given out.
· Super Seniority (attained) through these new positions being created by management
· Information pickets, media, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Recreation.
· Bill Rudd was speaking about a threat from Upper management; Paul Ecker asked what was the threat?
Motion: To stop giving away work to outside agencies by Bill Burns.
Seconded by Byron Bryson.
All in favour, Passed

· Arrange a meeting with management, Bill Rudd, Ian Mather and have Kim Craitor to sit in and get some reception for these issues stated in the recent newsletter.
· Kim mentioned a transparency bill going through Ottawa about posting Upper Mgmt (Commissioners) meetings minutes for the public.
· Wayne Gates mentioned Union Members should elect Commissioners.

Bill Burns: Who’s accountable for cancelling projects such as Mosaic Garden?
Commissioners cannot be removed by gov’t, they are appointed for the term. Legends Golf Course overspent by 3 million.

Carol Penner: Commented on electing commissioners. Benefit money is still misused. What happened to the money taken by the commission?

A pay equity issue.

Desiree Constantides: How to push the transparency bill?
Send letter or email the appropriate politicians to show support for the bill.

Mark McDonnel: Government representation for the people

Honest members to be elected, public would like to know more of what is going on in the government.

Ian Mather: Whom do the commissioners report to?

They report to the cabinet as well as the Minister of Tourism.

Fernando Fortino: Commented on loss of jobs/time.

Anne Cunningham: Rumours of outside franchises still coming into parks in the future. How do we protect out jobs?

Chief Stewards Report

· April 1st meeting with management: arbitration.
· 4-6 grievances; 2 mediation, wasted whole day for 2 grievances.
· Management should make exceptions.
· Tough getting agreement during grievance procedures.
· H.R. personnel cannot get job replaced with an excluded position.
· Rapids view janitor to be a student, senior janitor retiring.
· Instructor jobs used to be union positions, taken away.
· Retiree rights; commissioner get all the perks.
· Poor job evaluation, what is the procedure
· Ask for back date on grievance.

Old Business.
· Benefit cheques

New Business
· JJE member re sign
· Discussion on JJE procedures.


· Shelley Reed

Laura Egger wants to reduce committees. Conference calls eliminated.
· Horticulture
· Administration
· Police
· Retail
· Restaurant
· Engineering


Broader Public Service: OPSEU

Delegates (3) September 18-19, 2005
· Bill Rudd
· Shelley Reed
· Carol Penner
· Ian Mather

Counters: Janet Hepworth, Terry MacIssac

Bill Burns asked Kim Craitor if it would be possible to invite Jim Bradley (Minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation) to be a guest speaker.

Motion To destroy ballots by Maureen Deslandes and Byron Bryson.

Motion to adjourn meeting: Passed.