Wednesday, February 16, 2005


December 2/04

Meeting come to order; 39 members attending

Reading of Opseu acceptance of all types and origins of people

Motion to accept agenda Tony Stranges, 2nd by Anne Cunningham ; agenda accepted

Minutes from last meeting read; Secretarys’ report accepted Carolyn, 2nd by Sue Longmuir; passed

- Presidents’ Report

- Fonthill office cutting back on secretaries

- Barb Arndt(yes she is still under contract) delivered the cheque November 1st to Toronto

- Seasonal benefits refund cheques are being taken care of by Russ Ellerton

- H.R.(NPC) helping out Russ with overwhelming amount of information

- Still several grievances for the winter coat issue, some employees have yet to receive a coat

- Do not drop any of the individual grievances

- Members of executive met once with H.R. about the winter coat issue

- Exclusion list still an ongoing process; some the names listed were on the excluded list. The executive is still keeping in touch with Head Office about this issue

- NPC Health and Safety: Laura Egger appears to be frightened of her job. Will not cooperate directly with union, must have a consensus with NPC members before conferring with union. She mentioned there plan for health and safety representatives would be to have a committee for each department. People interested please come forward so the union can have trained. Most of the current health and safety reps. Certificates have expired.

- Some departments there is not enough employees working for representation

- Mention of the casino leasing Rapidsview Parking Lot, 2 seasonal janitors working plus 2 excluded supervisors

- Mention of a steward meeting with Laura Egger

- Motion to pass Anne Cunningham; Veronica Fawcett

- report accepted and passed

Chief Stewards Report

- Trying to organize day of mediation for Stage 3 grievances

- Clarification of language pertaining to winter weather and distribution of parkas

- Individual grievances to be filed

Motion to accept: Sue Longmuir; passed Mark Farquharson

Old Business

- need new committee for JJE; Barb Arndt currently doing JJE

- Committees to be elected tonight

- Carpeting in cash office mouldy, dusty and old. Health and Safety department notified. Apparently the Ministry notified; they have 60 days to respond

- Air quality checks have been done in other departments; any questions should be forwarded to Laura Egger

New Business

-Article 39 $1.20 slipped by the negotiating team, delegation would like it to return to 12%.

-Some grievances taking too long, in excess of 3 years

-Purchaser being flown in from Montreal, the NPC has own buyers why did they hire this woman?

- NPC purchased too much product, Roots store open in Niagara Square, Parks employees do not receive a discount, merchandise already marked down by 30%

- Whatever happened to the government audit of the Parks?

- Questionaire results published will only be 30% of a random selection of issues listed on the survey

- Bill Burns mentioned that a independent Company came to investigate the Parks and the Report was buried!!!!!!

- Conclusions from the survey will not be truthful

Barb Wilson made a motion to have the same dates, they will be the 3rd Thursday of the month. The months being





At the time of this motion the meeting place will be the legion on Spring St, NF Motion passed and accepted. Paperwork filed

- employees working alone at night in remote locations, safety issues addressed

- senior female employee working alone at Queenston

- all issues should be brought to the attention of Laura Egger

- all certified health and safety members should attend a meeting to discuss various department issues

- union position for Health and Safety Rep

- Health and Safety members names and phone numbers should be posted in each department

Election for Committees

Motion to hold elections for committees: Anne Cunningham; 2nd Bill Burns; motion passed

Seasonal Joint Job Evaluation

Barb Wilson ~ Paul Ecker ~ Ronnie Fawcett ~ Penny Berketa{alternate}

Full Time Maintenance Sean Leech motion for election; Ian Mather 2nd passed

Placido Iammarino

Sean Leech

Penny Berketa

Bill Rudd {Alt.}

Human Rights

Bernie Villamil

Fernando Fortino

Sue Longmuir


Shelly Reed

Ian Mather

Colin Mackenzie

Colleen Cotter

Motion to destroy ballots- Anne Cunningham

Complimentary Review Committee

Bill Rudd

Paul Ecker

Mark Farquharson

Employee Relations Committee

Bill Rudd

Ian Mather

Barb Wilson

Fred Hopkins

Meeting adjourned…

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Thursday February 17th
7pm at Legion 479
Spring Street in Niagara Falls.