Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Employee Relations Committee
September 23, 2004

Present: B. Rudd, I. Mather, B. Wilson, F. Hopkins, N. McDougall, S. Gregory, D. Morris

Item Action Required By:

1. Temporary Assignment( I. Mather)
Concern was raised with regard to a temporary
assignment and the requirement to post. It was
clarified that the recently ratified collective agreement
altered the language in this article and that the temporary
assignment was being managed in accordance with the
new language. The Committee requested copies of the new D. Morris
collective agreement.

2. Filling of Regular Positions( I. Mather)
Discussion took place with regard to the filling of a
particular full time position. It was indicated that it was
uncertain as to whether or not the position would be
filled. The work is currently being done on a seasonal D. Morris
basis. While the individual is a new employee in 2004,
it was confirmed that there were no employees from
that department on layoff who could have been recalled.

3. Construction at NPC Facility (B. Rudd)
The question was raised as to why construction at a location
was not done during the winter while the facility was closed.
It was clarified that there was uncertainty regarding the form of
construction to be done until the first part of the year. The issue of
fire access was also discussed. The union indicated that they will be B. Rudd
following up on this issue for clarification.

4. NPC Staff Events( I. Mather)
There was concern with regard to a volunteer at a staff event being D. Morris
asked to make up work time after receiving approval to assist.
Management will investigate.

Item Action Required By:

5. NPC Golf Tournament(I. Mather)
The union enquired as to the reason for the staff tournament
being held on a Thursday instead of the usual practice of a
Friday. It was explained that the tournament was being held just
before thanksgiving and it was the understanding that some individuals
may be away on the Friday. The issue was also raised with regard to
individuals being required to take vacation or unpaid leave to attend.
As well, some concern was raised that the greens are to be aerated the S. Gregory
day before the staff tournament.

6. Locational Issues (B. Wilson)
A number of concerns were raised with respect to issues at
a particular location. It was agreed that the issues will be S. Gregory
addressed with the staff and management at that location
using a number of processes.

7. Seasonal Job Evaluation(B. Rudd)
Discussion took place regarding the status of the seasonal
job evaluation program. The union will follow up with B. Wilson
the previous committee.

8. Layoff Notices(I. Mather)
The union asked management to investigate reasons for D. Morris
the timing of layoff notices at a particular location.

9. Changes in Employment Insurance Procedures(D. Morris)
Management shared information that had been received regarding
some changes to Employment Insurance procedures. A poster
will be distributed to the bulletin boards introducing the change and D. Morris
directing individuals to a website for more information.
The union asked that the poster also be reproduced in Italian
for the bulletin boards.

10. Renovations(B. Rudd)
The union asked if there were any renovations planned for this
coming winter. It was indicated that work will be done at
Edgewaters Tap and Grill and Riverview Market Eatery
( Victoria Park Restaurant and Cafeteria).

Item Action Required By:

11. Apprenticeships(B. Rudd)
The union expressed support for Apprenticeships and asked
if the Commission had any plans to provide any in the near D. Morris
future. It was indicated that this has been discussed with Department
Directors, however no decision has yet been reached.

12. Pre-Qualification of Contractors(B. Rudd)
The union requested that when the Commission utilizes
contractors, that there be a set of pre-qualification criteria in
order to ensure that established standards are met. It was D. Morris
indicated that there have been some discussions with respect
to this issue. The union requested an update on the status of

13. Money Handling(B. Rudd)
Discussion took place with regard to those who
handle and transfer money within operations. The union D. Morris
raised a concern with respect to security of funds and some
suggestions were made. Management will discuss with
appropriate staff.

14. Contractual Pay Increases(B. Rudd)
The union asked when the negotiated increases would be
paid and were informed that this would occur on the
October 22nd pay date. The question was raised as to
whether there was any tax advantage to providing the
retro- active pay portion as a separate cheque. It was
explained that there is no permanent income tax
impact in issuing one cheque.

15. Seasonal Benefit Plan(B. Rudd)
The union asked when the cheque would be produced with
regard to the negotiated settlement pertaining to the
elimination of the seasonal benefit plan. It was indicated that
the cheque will be provided to the regional office of B. Rudd
OPSEU by October 31st. A question was raised regarding how
the individual calculations were being done. It was explained that
this is being coordinated through the OPSEU Regional Office.

Item Action Required By:

16. Telephone System(B. Rudd)
Discussion took place with regard to some concerns surrounding D. Morris
the current telephone system. Management will investigate.

17. Health and Safety(B. Rudd)
Discussion took place regarding the operation of Health and Safety
Committees. The union proposed a protocol and will work with B. Rudd
the Manager of Health, Safety and Environment on these issues. L. Egger

18. Excluded Positions/24 Hour per week Employees(B. Rudd)
The union raised some concerns with regard to excluded positions.
It was determined that an improved system of communication would be
implemented in order to keep the union better informed. D. Morris
Discussion also took place regarding employees who work 24 hours S. Gregory
per week or less. It was explained that in the current labour market
some individuals only want part time positions. In other cases, the
operation may only require a certain number of individuals for very short
periods of time.

19. Seasonal Layoffs (B. Wilson)
A concern was raised with regard to the hours of work
and redeployment for a group of seasonal employees. It
was clarified that decisions were made based upon
seniority and that some of the difficulties pertain to
outdated collective agreement language with respect to
Article 30.02.

20 Full Time Employment(B. Rudd)
The union made an enquiry with respect to a situation
which arose this past winter as the result of
organizational restructuring and the creation of full time
employment. It was explained that the creation of full
time positions is dependent upon the needs of the operation.

21. Employee Survey(D. Morris)
The union was informed of a plan to conduct an employee
survey in order to determine current areas of concern. The survey
will be voluntary and will be administered and collected
from a random sample of staff by an outside company. All
responses will be confidential and anonymous with a summary
of issues being presented to the Commission. The union was B. Rudd
asked to encourage participation.

Item Action Required By:

22. Protocol for Employee Relations Committee Meetings(D. Morris)
Management made a request with respect to the established protocol
for committee meetings. The union will consider the request. B. Rudd

For the Commission For the Union


Friday, September 17, 2004

Williams strikes again

Williams said cut backs by the NPC, such as eliminating staff positions....
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Thursday, September 09, 2004

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