Thursday, June 01, 2006


Minutes from May 18

General membership meeting

Executive members present:

President, Bill Rudd, Vice President, Ian Mather, Chief Steward, Barb Wilson, Treasurer, Marie Stokes, Secretary, Fred Hopkins

Members present: 123

1) Call to order

2) Adoption of agenda

3) Presidents report

4) Secretary’s report

5) Selection of Stewards

6) Election for Executives, Negotiating team, Trustees

7) New and old business

8) Adjournment

Reading of acceptance of all people

Motion to accept agenda Anne Cunningham, second by Gary Vanderclay

Presidents’ report

Thanks to all executive for the effort and progress made over the past 3 years

Election of stewards to begin and is accepted by all members

Motion to accept Fernando Fortino second by Bill Burns

Stewards Nominated to be sworn in at future Stewards’ meeting

Fred Hopkins Maureen Ellis

Ian Mather Andrew Lacasse

Bill Rudd Robin Watson

Barb Wilson Mike McAndrew

Marie Stokes Rob Knight

Carey Gore Penny Berketa

Shelley Reed Ronnie Fawcet

Colleen Cotter Darlane Johnston

Jenn Sanderson Anita Simonetti

Bill Burns Glenn Davis

Colin MacKenzie

Placido Iammarino

Desiree Constandides

Motion to accept stewards; Fernando Fortino second by Bill Burns

Elections for Executive

President Bill Rudd – accepted the nomination and will be president for his second term

Other nominees that declined to run:

Ian Mather, Bill Burns and Marie Stokes…

Vice President - Ian Mather – accepted the nomination and will be vice for his second term

Colin MacKenzie and Bill Burns declined their nominations

Chief Steward –Barb Wilson accepted and will be entering her second term

Randy Aird and Fernando Fortino both declined

Secretary –Maureen Ellis and Jenn Sanderson both accepted their nominations; Jenn Sanderson is the new Secretary.

Shelley Reed, Ronnie Fawcett and Fred Hopkins declined their nominations

Motion to destroy ballots Ian Mather second by Barb Wilson accepted…

Negotiating Team

Two highest votes –Full time and seasonal

Treasurer –Marie Stokes accepted her nomination and continues her devotion to the union


Anne Cunningham, Patty Hicks, Judy Cant and Madeline Towne all ran for two positions. Patty Hicks and Judy Cant won the election.

Scrutineers were Vince Stranges and Ronnie Fawcett

50/50 draw –Gary Johnstone from Rapidsview

Motion to destroy ballots Don Muma, second by Ian Mather

Negotiating Team

Colin MacKenzie, Barb Wilson, Shelly Reed, Joe Masendrea, Desiree Constanindides…Seasonal alternate: Robin Watson Full Time: Gary Bird.

Scrutineers Byron Brisson, Ian Mather, Don Muma and supervised by Anne Cunningham.

Motion to destroy ballots; ballots destroyed…

Old Business

Mediations improper exclusions still in arbitration in Toronto. Another 38 days from the time of this meeting, resolution should be reached.

18 positions in dispute

JJE to meet with seasonals, Barb arranging free meeting sites on parks property

New Business

Demand set meeting June 22nd, 2006 for contract negotiations.

Motion to carry for set up of meeting/passed.

Strike team to be decided during negotiations. Possibly for the next general membership meeting a decision will be made…

Adoption of different language from different companies to help with negotiations.

A letter to be drafted to Dave Morris about an extra staff shuttle bus from RV to TR between 8:15 and 9am.

Motion to destroy ballots Bill Burns, 2nd passed by Anne Cunningham.

Meeting adjourned…


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