Wednesday, March 30, 2005


February 17/05

Meeting come to order; 47members attending
Reading of Opseu acceptance of all types and origins of people

Motion to accept agenda Anne Cunningham , 2nd by Janet Hepworth; agenda accepted

Minutes from last meeting read; Secretary’s’ report accepted John Kott, 2nd by Sue Longmuir; passed

- Presidents’ Report
- OPSEU only recognizing 468 members. An additional 32 members found that were not registered. The question of possibly sending another delegate to the convention arose? OPSEU informed us that the membership list has to be in by December before the convention year. Treasurer assisted with this process
- Parks to co-operate with all members for registration.
- Make copy of G.M. sign in sheet
- Changes coming to horticulture dept; rumours going around should it rain gardeners will be sent home. New zones may be established North, South and Central
- Excluded positions going to arbitration
- Collective effort needed to fight contracting out; possible solutions mentioned were informative pickets and going to the media…
- Ian and Bill to continue to go to meetings with John Kernahan and Jim Williams
- Motion to pass report Anne Cunningham, 2nd by Gary Vanderkley. Passed
Chief Stewards Report
- Have not met with grievance officer Mitch Bevan yet, 2 policy grievances outstanding
- $1.20 not offered for overtime; $1.20 offered for holidays
- Demand sets do not surface ‘til a week before negotiations
- Members should be notified about group grievance
Motion to accept: John Kott; passed Paul Ecker

Old Business
- Some people did not receive benefit checks yet


- Convention Delegates

Bill Rudd, Barb Wilson, Ian Mather
Possible 4th delegate Fred Hopkins; membership numbers not in on time…

Placido Iammarino and Darlane Johnson

Scrutineers were Penny Berketa and Maureen Ellis

Ballots destroyed…

New Business
- Ian made mention of the Ministry of Labour 48hr workweek, you must need management approval. Not much of a concern no one to enforce
- Fernando Fortino mentioned the membership should arrange for a guest speaker, Kim Craitor was given as an example…
- Rumours of M of Mist plaza adding a second storey????
- C45 bill mentioned that a senior staff member working with another staff could be held criminally responsible for the others’ safety????

Meeting adjourned…