Sunday, September 25, 2005


August 18, 2005

Meeting come to order, 93 members attending

Reading of OPSEU acceptance of all types and origins of people

Motion: To accept agenda Paul Fish, 2nd by Janet Hepworth; agenda accepted

Minutes from last meeting read; Secretary’s’ report accepted Dan Frigault, 2nd by Sue Longmuir; passed

- Presidents’ Report

Special guest speaker: Leah Casselman, President of OPSEU – 115,000 members strong.

· Meeting with John Kernahan, Jim Williams, Dave Morris, and Kim Craitor.
· Letter written to John Kernahan. Reading of the letter and the response from Upper Management.
· Exclusions grievance, management refused to talk or respond to this issue of any grievances.
· Contracting out, nothing to do with union? Not union business?
· Kim Craitor set up this meeting
· Management violating contract on a daily basis; park wide…
· Complimentary review committee has never had a meeting!!!
· Managers are still doing union jobs!!!
· Giving out park property to franchises!!! Are these franchises being advertised properly or just to personal friends of management?
· Outside Contractors Health and Safety issues covered by individual Department Supervisors or Managers. They are suppose to monitor and check work and qualifications!!!
· Rossi blown glass and students doing janitor work and responsible for money at satellite locations, I’m sure everyone has heard about the theft this year due to lack of supervision and union presence!!!
· Roto Router contracted out; [{this was not mentioned at the meeting}] the NPC are paying an apprentice $30/hr(ridiculous wage for an apprentice); the company pays the person the journeyman’s’ wage and is obviously making profit!!!!
· Maid of the Mist 3 boothes were contracted out? There was suppose to be an agency to oversee tendering in the Parks?
· Ice cream and Hot dogs wholesale prices tripled; new suppliers??? Why?
· Falls Incline and aerocar contracting outside agency, Dopplemyer paying them a obscene amount of money. John Hunt should’ve had an apprentice to train before retiring?
· P/T adult employees only allowed 24 hr work week. Students in some departments receiving 50 hours…
· Lack of picnic tables @ Victoria park and throughout the parkway. Commissioners fault???
· Kingsbridge park still charging locals and visitors to use facilities, this weekends and holidays only.
· John Kernahan denies management received a 7% pay increase. He mentioned he could prove they only received 1% throughout the 27 pay periods. He said he would show his pay records to prove it.
· Kim Craitor is no longer involved with negotiating or hearing of any issue from union or management. He is taking too many complaints and interfering with his other political duties. Basically washed his hands of any further issues. *Just a foot note before the actual meeting Mr. Craitor had a private meeting with Upper Management for an undetermined amount of time and then proceeded to make this statement at the end of the meeting with Bill and Ian.
· Go ahead w/ seasonal JJE company asked employees? Carol Penner asked about pay equity in contract(basis of job description- this is holding up process – in contract)
· Seasonal hand out for JJE descriptions to be held at legion
· Should be done on parks time
· Management will delay the process
· Jim Williams to get JJE descriptions to HR to finish this process[at the time of printing of these minutes the JJE descriptions were being distributed by management]
· John Kott wants a study for these JJE
· Carol Penner would like to have 2 sessions 1) Management, 2) Union
· Barb Wilson against motion, claiming to much work involved
· Amendment passed by Marie Stokes

Motion to pass, Motion accepted…

Leah Casselman Comments:

· Enjoyed the tour of the parkway and our workplace
· Mentioned we have an interesting employer
· She mentioned Jim Bradley was not happy with his appointment to the tourism and recreation department
· Ministry was decimated by the tory party
· Dalton McGuinty will be notified of Kim Craitors position with the parks
· The difference between students, part-time, seasonals and full time employees; Companies are doing these positional wedges to deny and avoid responsibility
· There is too much power from the commission; in control of our lives. Management ‘s choice of who they call back
· NPC looking at contract to extract language from the next negotiation
· Paying people full time now to re-write future contract in October 2006
· The provincial election coming up November 7th, MPP an “idiot”. Polish MPP to go back on his word. This is referring to the statement he made about washing his hands of the parks’ issues
· Keep spotlight on NPC management (they are to blame for all these current issues) not employees
· Respect work place – invest in employees
· OPSEU thanks NPC union members for the jewel the Niagara Parkway is

Randy Aird asking question about arbitration meeting for an April 1/05 grievance?
Leah’s response:

Problems with arbitration board. Law firm same as tories, settle everything. OPSEU has made funding cuts to the grievance board.

Sue Longmuir- policy grievance, same as individual grievance? Yes, grievance settlement board stage. Call OPSEU aand they will tell you the status of the grievance over the phone.

Janet Hepworth asked how far back do grievances go? Janet has one going for 10 years!!!

Steve Burton – How do we keep NPC in the spotlight? Keep the commissioners on their issues. Discuss bargaining amongst employees, get ready for contract negotiations

Tim Watson – contacting Kim Crator’s office? Questions/continue to keep the spotlight on this politician

Anne Cunningham – 24 hour part time not wanted by seasonal employees!!! Union personnel getting less hours. How do we get across to the employer these type of employees are not wanted? First off Leah commented on the lack of union presence at TableRock. The union needs at least 10 stewards at this location, also there are none at Falls Parking Lot. File grievances against these part time employees.

Fernando Fortino – too many unions in this country!!! In comparison to Europe…Ontario Federation of Labour and OPSEU sponsors have an opportunity to go over to London, England. Unison public sector union, a huge Union amalgamated with several unions. The recent news of unions in the U.S. separating from Teamsters. Labour density in the U.S. a freefall.

During the meeting with John Kernahan, Bill Rudd mentioned that John wanted to make this clear before any rumours are started that his neighbour is selling steel ice cream not the frugen haas.

· Chief Stewards Report
Quiet time of year.
OPSEU forms are available for lay offs
Motion to accept report – Janet Hepworth, 2nd by Barb Chernish

$47.00 for the 50/50 draw won by Kevin Tuman, Maintenance Dept

New Business

Old Business

Motion to adjourn, accepted Ian Mather, 2nd by Janet Hepworth. Meeting adjourned…

Chief Stewards Report


Old Business.

New Business





Motion to adjourn meeting: Passed.


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