Thursday, December 02, 2004


  1. increase tool allowances
  2. From what I understand, seasonal lay off rights is 2 yrs, full time is 12 months? If so full time should be extended to equal.
  3. Re: JJE and when it goes to the Board of Referees.... The board should be given a time frame for the dispute to be heard and a follow up letter should be sent to the JJE members notifying them of the result.
  4. When doing the job of someone else.... Presently speaking, If I did a job for 6 days or more and the pay is greater than my own I receive the difference. If I do a job for 6 days or more and the pay is equal to or less than my own rate of pay I get nothing. This is not fair and would like to see some sort of increase while doing someone else's job.

-Winter Cover-alls
-Allowing seasonals to use sick days as vacation days
-bring back the 12% in lieu of benefits for seasonals
-re-establish the "me to" clause
-allow every employee to submit their own job description detailing their duties for the JJE both full-tome and seasonals
-have a license allowance for drivers that require specialized driver's licenses such as: AZ, CZ, DZ
-establish a winter coat allowece for seasonals
-Allow representation by stewards and or members of the union executive when meetings are required between union members and management at any time during, before and or after his/her shift.

-If staff are required to park at rapidsview and take public access people-movers to their work location they should be paid from the time they step on the people-mover. Staff are expected to provide information and answer questions when they are in the public eye. In effect they are "ON STAGE", and should be paid. If management does not want to provide an employee shuttle, staff should be paid for being "ON STAGE", from the time they step on the public access people-movers.
-Their is a transfer procedure in place for seasonals, their should be one in place for regular (full-time) employees.
-"WORKING FOREMAN", We need to make a point of not allowing this to happen when there are labourers available to do the job. If no labourers are available one should be called in or the work should be left until workers are available to do the job. Only in emergency situations or situations of health and safety should a FOREMAN OR SUPERVISOR be allowed to perform these duties.


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