Thursday, December 02, 2004


August 26/04

Meeting come to order; 39 members attending

Reading of Opseu acceptance of all types and origins of people

Motion to accept agenda, 2nd by Anne Cunningham, Dino McDonnel; agenda accepted

Presidents’ Report: still losing too many employees to excluded positions, excluded personnel still doing union positions

- employees working over 24 hours should be paying union dues, a lot of the people are being paid at the managers’ discretion. These employees not even aware they could be accumulating seniority and acquiring union rights; negotiations on going for exclusion

- how would the union or management track the hours? Would they disclose actual hours to the union? Suggestion to make triplicates of the schedules…

- retiree positions not being filled

Motion(Carolyn Patterson) to accept report/2nd by Anne Cunningham

Vice Presidents’ Report: scheduling re-hashing

- continuance of same old problems

- announcement of web site/page

- meeting with John Kernahan, Jim Williams and Dave Morris. The basic synopsis of this meeting was about the gondola project, the over whelming amount of jobs in the Niagara region during the winter months. The fact the parks does not receive any help from the government, but E.I. pays our wages in the off season. The parks is tired of hearing from these employees and public that the parks is here to employ people; it is a business the commission is not here for employment???

- The re-introduction of apprenticeship programs was mentioned at the above meeting

- Motion to pass Vice presidents report – Dino McDonnell, Byron

- 2nd by Carolyn Patterson

Tresurers’ Report: overview of budget

-send both receipts back to OPSEU for refunds on ratification meetings

ratification meetings $654 halls

mail outs for updates on status of meetings

postage= $1200.00

-parks sent late billings for a couple of the meetings

-union executives to subsidize internet costs

Health and safety WSIB position still vacant, Bill Rudd temp. covering

Motion to educate WSIB/H&S person

Vote to accept report; Ed, Anne Cunningham, Dennis Harris

2nd Jim O’Laughlin, Maureen Deslandes

Trustees election: Sue Longmuir

Colin Mackenzie(declined)

Maureen Ellis

Sue Stoll

2nd this election: Paul Ecker, Dennis Harris, Gary

Results: Sue Longmuir, Sue Stoll -trustees-

Eddie and Penny to destroy ballots

Update New Business

Go through new contract before signing

Sept. 8th meeting date

Benefit rebate sent to OPSEU Oct. 31/04 $60,000.00

Chief Stewards Report

Basic review of grievances

New Business

Bill Burns- MPP Kim Craitor supportive of union. Kim to attend future meeting

Fernando Fortino – stewards to keep in touch with employees

- gondola discussion

- monorail advertising @ the maid of the mist information booth

- “legends” only venue to make profit

Dino McDonnell – asked about creating a strike fund for the local

- constitution will be looked at by executive; put it in bulletin to make a vote for this…

- next bulletin for new/old committees(constitution)

- seasonal cannot be certified Health and safety Representative

- education to other members, made available

- parking policy reviewed at rapidsview

- ERC to hear opinion on this policy

Motion for adjournment; accepted and passed, meeting adjourned…


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