Friday, August 27, 2004

Some words from our President, general membership meeting, AUG.26,2004

-Bill Rudd spoke of the strength of our union when we turned down the contract and how we need to keep that solidarity going. If we can keep the union strong it will help during our next contract and help us to get more........."We have to look out for one another"
Bill Rudd talked about the amount of excluded positions. Seems to be policy that management fails to report to the union when they exclude a position. "It's straight union busting as far as I'm concerned."It's happening all over the place. We are going to try to get these people back into the union. If management wants people excluded they have to negotiate that. It's something we'll have to deal with during the next negotiations.
Bill Rudd also spoke about the number of employees that are working over 24 hours per week that are not in the union. Management is hiring a number of people to do the same job and only giving each employee 24 hours a week. "If they work 25 hours in one week they should have seniority." If anyone on a 24 hour a week schedule works over their 24 hours they need to tell the union so we can work to get them into the union.
Bill Rudd Talked about job cuts and how the Commission hasn't replaced jobs in several departments. Who does management think is going to do the work?


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