Friday, August 27, 2004

Other points from our August meeting

-Bring issues to the union even if they don't affect you directly.
-It was announced that Local 217 has a Webpage now. It is in its infancy but it will be updated regularly. It should be a good way to get information to our member's on events that affect our union..
-Ian Mather spoke about the meeting that he and Bill Rudd had with John Kernahan and Dave Morris.
-We have to try to get the separation between seasonals and full time employees closed, because their isn't really anymore full time jobs. Anybody that is full time can be laid off. We are all in the same boat.
-Marie Stokes presented the finacial report .
-Unused money from the union executive (WSIB health and safety position) should be used to for educational purposes.
-Sue Longmuir and Sue Stoll were voted in. as trustees.
-Negotiating team to meet with Mark Kotanen(regional Rep.) and management on Sept. 8th to go over the new contract and to hopefully get it signed into place.
-Concerns about when the member's that paid into the seasonal benefit package will get their rebate cheque. A date should be set after the contract is finalized.
-"We have to police our own contract if we don't, they're never gonna live up to it", Barb Wilson
-It was mentioned that maybe we could have Kim Craitor attend a membership meeting.
-It was mentioned that the Gondola is not at this point a go, but that the Parks may be involved in a Monorail project.
-Political and public pressure on the Commission could help us.
-It was mentioned that we should consider a a dues levy in our own local to create a internal strike fund. It is believed that if a strike situation arises the Commission will not allow negotiations to carry on into the prime tourist season. Pressure will probably begin shortly after negotiations begin on a new contract which takes place for the most part during the "off season".
-It was stressed that we need to get trained health and safety officers in place and to fill vacancies in the areas that are not covered.
- Concerns about the locations that staff members have to park for their shifts. A large portion of our staff are required to park at Rapidsview and be shuttled to their locations. In some cases staff can't even get on the busses because they are already full. We need a dedicated staff shuttle sevice. Something that needs to be discussed during an E.R.C. meeting.



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